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How to Plan a Corporate Event Everyone Will Love

Building Relationships Starts With Sharing A Smile

Whether you’re planning to launch an open house or host a corporate retreat, every corporate event should focus on the importance of relationship-building. Networking with like-minded professionals can bring about opportunities that you may have never through possible. Strengthening company morale and reinforcing an internal team can create ripple effects that lead to increased productivity and a happier workplace for months and years to come. Opening your doors to the public through a special event creates a one-of-a-kind moment for you to showcase your products and services in a fun, entertaining, celebratory way. Through all of these aspects of corporate events, nothing brings people together quite like sharing smiles and making memories together.

While you’re planning your event’s entertainment, remember these considerations:

Have a Goal: It may sound simple, but often times, companies will plan an event without giving a lot of consideration to the primary goal. Think about what type of outcome you’d like to achieve once the event is over. Will you focus on team building, networking, brainstorming, or socializing with coworkers outside of the usual work environment? Or, will you focus on prospective leads or working to introduce a the community to something new that’s happening within your company or organization? Give careful consideration to the intent behind your plans.

Make it Fun: We all love family gatherings, holidays, and personal celebrations. Often times, however, we’re not quite as excited about spending time (often on weekends or outside of regular working hours) with our professional colleagues. To help bolster enthusiasm and get more people on board, remember to include entertainment that will appeal to audiences of all kinds. Whether it’s live music or a photo booth (or both), plan to incorporate quality entertainment with any company or corporate event.

Make it Memorable: Speaking of photo booths, one of the best ways to keep the party fun for everyone is to keep the smiles coming. Photo booths are an affordable way to capture the moment and create lasting memories from your event. Most photo booth companies offer packages that you can customize to your event. Unique signs or backdrops within a photo booth can help to reinforce a company’s brand or fit an event’s theme.

As you plan a corporate event, remember to put people first. Think about individual preferences, the tone and personality of your business and how you can incorporate those elements into your event. Think about your goals and how you’ll strengthen and build relationships through a fun event that everyone will love.