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Wedding Tips: How to Maximize The Value (and fun) of Your Photobooth

Wedding guests can’t help but smile when there’s a photobooth on site.  The unique experience adds memory-making fun that gets individuals, couples, and groups laughing out loud.  But how you do you plan for and accommodate a photobooth at your wedding?  Here are some practical tips that can help you to get the most from your photobooth:

  • It’s All About Timing: Your photobooth company’s staff can help you determine how long you’ll need your booth; but to help with the planning, you’ll want to let the photobooth company know about the number of guests that you’re expecting at your wedding.  If your wedding reception will have fewer than 100 guests, a 2-hour rental will likely be appropriate.  Similarly, consider the type of meal that you plan to serve.  If your meal will be a formal, plated meal, your guests may have as much as an hour of downtime (compared to a buffet line).  During the downtime, while guests are waiting to be served, the fun of the photobooth can help to entertain guests and keep the energy going.
  • Brides and Grooms Are People, Too: It’s great that so many couples work so hard to make their wedding receptions fun and engaging for their guests; but remember – this is YOUR celebration.  Be sure to get in on the fun of the photobooth!  Your wedding day will be busy (and possibly a bit overwhelming), but don’t miss the opportunity to have your OWN silly moment with the photobooth!  Speak with your photobooth’s coordinator to arrange 5 to 10 minutes to be set aside to capture some fun photos of your own.  Just like so many other elements of your big day, it’s important to plan for this time to be sure that it’s a part of your schedule.
  • Give Props Where Props Are Due: Your photobooth coordinator will bring along some super fun props for your wedding photobooth, but if you have something that’s specific to you that you’d like to bring along (i.e. custom-made signs), be sure to let your photobooth coordinator know.
  • Location. Location: The placement of your photobooth is a very important consideration. You’ll want to be sure that guests can clearly see and have access to the fun.  Your photobooth coordinator can help you determine the best placement for your booth.
  • Cue The DJ: If you’re having an DJ at your wedding reception, he or she can help by announcing a few reminders about your photobooth.  Just have a conversation with your DJ, prior to your wedding day, about your goals.  You can also ask your wedding coordinator to remind your DJ to share a few announcements about your photobooth during your reception.

Your wedding day is like no other, so be sure to get the most from every moment.  The fun of a photobooth will offer unique and memorable opportunities; and when you work with your photobooth provider, you can truly maximize the value and take away even more smiles!  So, plan early – and don’t wait on booking your photobooth!  Plan for your photobooth just as you would for any aspect of your wedding reception.  After all, we think it was Eleanor Roosevelt who said, “It takes just as much energy to wish as it does to plan.”